Utter, total and complete relaxation

It’s hard to stamp a definitive picture of complete bliss, but we think we’ve come pretty close.

Put yourself on a beautiful beach. Day 10 of a three week stay. The sun is pushing temperatures into the mid 30’s. A gentle lake breeze whispers comfort across your skin. The laughter of kids jumping into the water. Throw in a good book and a nice glass of wine…welcome to Boucherie Beach on Lake Okanagan.

Days start with the morning sun flittering across the gentle ripple on the lake, and end with a fire on the beach under a million stars. No tight deadlines, no busy schedules and no electronic distractions. Do what you want: nap on the lawn, laze on a poolside lounger, dig a really, really deep hole in the sand with the kids – like all the way to china. Make it up as you go. Spontaneous hanging out, give it a go.

One of the world’s most incredible lake regions

A sparkling oasis set amid picturesque hills dotted with vineyards and orchards.

The lake is incredible. Clean, deep, refreshing. Warmed by the summer heat, the lake has always been a playground for BC and Alberta, but international attention is now focused, and rapid change is taking place. It’s driven by the desire for waterfront property close to international worthy amenities.

The relaxed freedom of lakefront cottage ownership

A community of summer sun lovers. Kids and adults, grandparent and friends.

Boucherie Beach vacation resort has been carefully mapped out to retain the tradition and natural character of the original property — including old-growth trees, stately lawn and a stunning private beach that is the envy of those in every passing boat.

Site Highlights

  • 350 feet of exclusive, easily accessible, low-bank Okanagan beachfront
  • Acres of open, level green space where kids can play games and run free
  • Acres of pristine ALR land and private vineyard along the access road
  • Mature, old-growth trees providing shade and beauty
  • U-shaped “family friendly” layout facing lush courtyard
  • Outdoor heated pool and relaxing hot tub for quiet nights under the stars
  • Private dock and anchored floating lake rafts
  • Handy, private boat slips and lifts
  • Beachside fire pit (jumbo-sized marshmallows encouraged!)