Cottage life is special

It’s a powerful expression of quality time. Memories take root.

Individual in nature, but with common elements. Board games take the place of iPads. Wine seems to taste better. Sugar highs turn into sand castles.

Time to start and finish a good book. Home made ice cream. Water balloon or water gun? Grandma in a water fight. New friends from a different province. Cannonball or swan dive? Cribbage or Canasta? Create your memories. Build a tradition.

The normal principles of time do not apply here

A nap on the lawn is not uncommon. In the moment of time slowing, real connection is made, inner calm is achieved, family is reinforced.

A family history is recorded year to year. The kids grow, friendships are strengthened. Trips to the candy stand turn into first kisses on the dock. Strangers from another place turn into life-long friends. A true legacy is formed in experience and connections.

Kids fall asleep before the head hits the pillow

How much fun can a kid have? Boucherie will test even the deepest reserves of energy a kid can muster.

The swings are a meeting ground. Activities are planned. Laughter becomes contagious. Ice cream is consumed by the bucket. Water toys are shared, castles are built and destroyed. Cartwheels are practiced with abandon. Sports are played. Backflips are perfected. There is plenty of opportunities for mom and dad to join in. You might even see Grandpa on a paddleboard. But you can’t keep up. A lounger by the pool or a drink on the patio is your reward. Pride is watching your kids and grandkids enjoying complete happiness.